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30 October, 2012

Caramel Apple Recipes

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Hand Dipped Caramel Apples

Caramel Apple Recipes for Autumn, Halloween, holidays and parties can be fun to make and eat. Who can resist these sweet, tart and gooey treats. Simple caramel dip and apples is a delicious treat. You can also add your favorite toppings like nuts, chocolate, candies and more for an extra special apple treat.

Learn how to make them and you can enjoy this delicious and healthy treat anytime of year. From plain to fancy gourmet apples and lots of special ones in between, you’ll love these tasty recipes.

Caramel Apple Recipes

Caramel Apples

Caramel Dipped Apples

Rocky Road Caramel Apples

Halloween Caramel Apples

Caramel and Three Chocolate Apples

Couture Caramel Apples

How to Make Caramel Apples

Making Caramel Apples

Kraft Traditional Caramels 14 oz

When making caramel apples you need some nice fresh apples. A tart green apple like a Granny Smith is a good choice to contrast with the sweetness of the caramel and toppings.

Honey Crisp apples are a little sweeter but also a nice choice because they give you that nice crisp apple crunch to go with the chewy caramel coating.

You can make caramel from scratch but it is quicker and easier to melt already prepared caramels.

You will also need wooden sticks to dip and hold your yummy caramel apples.

Apple Sticks, 30 Count

You may also like to put toppings such as nuts, chocolate, sprinkles, or candies on the caramel apples after they are dipped. You may also want a double boiler or microwave caramel apple maker to melt the caramel and make dipping easy.

Caramel Apple Dipper, Maker, and Warmer

Caramel Apple Flavored Recipes

Caramel Apple Sundaes

Caramel Apple Popcorn Clusters

Caramel Apple Fritters

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Ultimate Caramel Apple Pie

Gourmet Caramel Apple Recipes

Caramel Apple Dip

Marzetti Old Fashioned Caramel Dip 16oz

Another way to enjoy caramel apples is with a caramel apple dip. You can slice and dip apples or other fruits or even cheese into this tasty caramel dip.

You can also drizzle it over ice cream or use in other recipes.

Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple Perfume


If you love the taste of caramel apples you may enjoy the fragrance of them too. This playful perfume comes in a green apple bottle and has the scent of caramel. Created by Donna Karan DKNY design this is a fun fall perfume. This delicious eau de parfume has a splash of apples and caramel. There are several other blends that they create as well that you may like. They include apples, violet, marshmallow, pears, lily of the valley, jasmine, and vanilla.

Caramel Apple Recipes on Pinterest

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